Top tips for revalidation

If your GPhC registration is due for renewal by October 31 you need to revalidate now, says Sandra Gidley, chair of the RPS English Pharmacy Board

Sandra Gidley

We are now in the first revalidation period, so the RPS has compiled the following ‘top tips’ to help you through the process:

  • Be prepared Create your account via the GPhC website using the activation code that the regulator sent to you in April.
  • Do you know when you need to revalidate? If you are not sure of your dates, take a look at the revalidation date checker on the RPS website.
  • Complete four CPD records This year (or the first time you need to revalidate) you need to complete just four records. At least two of these must be planned, so a maximum of two can be unplanned.
  • Know the difference between planned and unplanned learning A planned learning CPD entry is when you decide to develop your knowledge and/or skills in advance of carrying out the learning activity. An unplanned learning CPD entry is when an event happens that causes unscheduled learning activity (e.g. through reading a journal or talking to a colleague).
  • Demonstrate your learning with an example The key difference about CPD entries for revalidation is that you now need to demonstrate how this learning has altered your practice and benefited those who use your service.
  • Adhere to the correct revalidation process You need to submit the correct amount of records, on the right forms, at the right time.
  • Follow the prompts on the forms Each revalidation form has clear instructions and prompts for each section. These will ensure you include the correct information. Keep your records concise and to the point.
  • Submit your records in good time If you need to revalidate this year, you have until October 31 to do so. Most of us tend to do things at the last minute but, given this is a new process, we would encourage you to submit your records earlier than the absolute deadline.
  • Store your records for life with the RPS The GPhC will delete your revalidation records after two years. Use the RPS MyCPD app or portfolio to create and store your records. We will keep your learning for life. Visit rpharms.com/revalidation for more information. Do note that you must actually revalidate on mygphc.org.

In 2019 (or the second time you revalidate), in addition to a further four CPD records, you will also need to submit a peer discussion and a reflective account. RPS members can contact support@rpharms.com but take a look at rpharms.com/revalidation for more information.

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