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Child & teen health

Provide advice on conditions affecting children and teens.

Child & teen health

DH implements ‘emergency ban’ on puberty suppressing hormones

No new patients under 18 to be put on puberty suppressing hormones under emergency ban

30 May 2024 , 1 Min Article

Child & teen health

DH targets puberty suppressing hormones ‘loopholes’ for overseas prescribers

Health secretary says 'nothing is off the table' in tackling overseas 'loopholes'.

17 Apr 2024 , 2 Min Article

Child & teen health

Recommending appropriate pain relief for children

Refresh your knowledge on common childhood pain occasions and the advice you can offer to parents

08 Jan 2024 , 5 Min Module

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Child & teen health

Pharmacy Magazine Podcast - Category Insight: Child pain

Feel confident handling queries about child pain.

17 May 2023 , 24 Min Article

boy nose bleed, bg ears.jpg
Child & teen health

Nosebleeds in a child

By Professor Paul Rutter, University of Portsmouth

23 Dec 2022 , 5 Min Module