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Blog: First week thoughts on Pharmacy First

I feel immensely proud of how pharmacy teams, like mine, have stepped up within a short space of time to be ready to deliver Pharmacy First, says Reena Barai.

14 Feb 2024 , 4 Min Article

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Pharmacy First up and running

Whisper it quietly, but the early indications are that England’s Pharmacy First common conditions service has got off to a promising start, writes Pharmacy Magazine editor Richard Thomas.

14 Feb 2024 , 2 Min Article

Pharmacy CPD Modules

Pharmacy First Toolkit: Introduction

The Pharmacy First service became available from community pharmacies in England from January 31, 2024. It allows pharmacy teams to complete episodes of care including provision of advice and NHS funded treatment where appropriate for seven common conditions. Use this toolkit as your indispensable service implementation guide. Compiled by Patrick Grice.

17 Feb 2024 , 25 Min Article

Services Development

Pharmacy first: sore throat part two

Welcome to our CPD module series for community pharmacy technicians. Written in conjunction with the Pharmacy Magazine CPD series, it will mirror the magazine’s programme throughout the year. The series has been designed for you to use as part of your continuing professional development. Reflective exercises have been included to help you put your learning into practice.

12 Feb 2024 , 10 Min Article

Pharmacy CPD Modules

Pharmacy First: Practising good antimicrobial stewardship

There is recognition that community pharmacy teams have a key role to play in antimicrobial stewardship. Pharmacy First and similar schemes are intended to enable more completed episodes of care in pharmacies for specific common conditions, some of which will involve treatment decisions about antibiotics.

06 Feb 2024 , 15 Min Article

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Pharmacy Magazine Podcast – Talking Pharmacy, February 2

The Pharmacy First service in England is live – the CIG editors discuss the launch, gauge pharmacist reaction and dig into the weeds of a row between locums and two of the major multiples. Plus the messy business of LloydsPharmacy and its many creditors...

02 Feb 2024 , 29 Min Article

Sponsored education

Non-antibiotic alternatives to preventing urinary tract infections

Refresh your knowledge on the diagnosis and management of uncomplicated recurrent UTIs and understand your role in antimicrobial stewardship

27 Sep 2023 , 10 Min Article

Pharmacy CPD Modules

Pharmacy First: Sore throat – part 2

This CPD module is the latest in our series designed to support pharmacists in delivering the Pharmacy First service in England. It covers the clinical management of acute sore throat.

02 Feb 2024 , 20 Min Article

Pharmacy CPD Modules

Pharmacy First: Sore throat — part 1

This CPD module is the latest in our series designed to support pharmacists in delivering the Pharmacy First service in England. It covers assessment and clinical decision-making regarding acute sore throat. After completing it you will be able to conduct a simple examination of the throat; know which conditions and red flags require referral; and use a clinical scoring system to assess the likelihood of bacterial infection.

17 Jan 2024 , 30 Min Article

Pharmacy CPD Modules

Key clinical developments in 2023

This module is suitable for use as part of pharmacists’ continuing professional development, a key component of the revalidation process. After reading this module in the magazine or online at, you can include it in your personal Pharmacy Magazine revalidation record.

02 Jan 2024 , 20 Min Article