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Ticked off

How can pharmacists help to tame ‘one of the most dangerous animals in Europe’?

CI Plus: Allergy

Learn how to help customers manage hayfever with Clarinaze Allergy Control 0.05% nasal spray.

Blowing in the wind: Hayfever management

In most cases hayfever can be managed successfully in community pharmacy through self-management advice and by offering appropriate treatments

Managing allergic rhinitis

This module will help you to understand symptoms, management options and any possible complications

Watching brief: Hayfever

A look at new developments in the hayfever category

Allergic action

Pharmacists have an important role in identifying allergies, raising awareness and providing support

Scenario: Resistant hayfever

Adam May comes into the pharmacy with his mum. He is doing his GCSE exams but his hayfever is making it very hard to concentrate...