Advising on back pain

This module highlights topical therapy options and 5 simple S.T.E.P.S. to help customers manage and prevent back pain

15 minute module

Advising on back pain

This module covers the common complaint of back pain and how you can help customers seeking effective pain relief advice so they can get on with their daily activities.


  • Be confident discussing back pain with customers
  • Be able to signpost customers to the Mind Your Back campaign
  • Understand the types of back pain
  • Know when to recommend different types of topical therapy
  • Be able to give additional advice to customers affected by back pain.

Find out how you can use this training towards your CPD

Pharmacy professionals can use this e-module as one of their CPD entries required for revalidation. It may be used as a planned or unplanned learning activity. Think about how your conversations with customers change after completing this training, and answer the questions at the end to add to your learning record.

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