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ZSA releases new video for You’re Not Alone campaign


ZSA releases new video for You’re Not Alone campaign

The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) is urging everyone to take time out from their busy
schedules to make an early New Year resolution and become better prepared to save lives in 2022.


A new video and song have been released called ‘You’re Not Alone’ that focuses on those who might be struggling and don’t know where to turn for help. It aims to encourage people to take the ZSA’s free suicide awareness training and donate to the charity so it can continue to develop their work and research.


Since being launched in November 2017, the training has been taken nearly 2 million times and Professor Joe Rafferty CBE, one of the ZSA’s founder members, said: “More than 6,000 a people a year take their own lives in this country and Christmas and New Year can be a difficult, even dangerous, time for too many.


“Sadly, mental health issues do not take a holiday over the festive season and for some they can get worse. Suicide awareness is something we can all be aware of and take part in.


“Our free training can help people look out for those around them who may be struggling. It can help them spot the signs and equip them with what to say and do next. In a really short time it can give you practical advice and skills that could help you to help someone who may thinking of taking their own life.”


The video features the work of Manchester based singer/songwriter and film maker Josh Woods and includes actors Rydian Cook, Steve Murphy and Peter Henderson. The music video, based on Josh’s song, was specially produced and donated to ZSA for this campaign.


“It’s been said suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and suicidal thinking is much more common that we might think, which is why I fully support the work of ZSA,” said Josh.


“This time of year can be tough time for many of us. I wrote this song because I want people to know that you’re not alone. People who’ve taken the ZSA training will understand that and want to help if you’re struggling. That’s why more us need to take this training, because everyone can play their part in preventing suicide”.


For those who are struggling with their mental health this Christmas, the ZSA has a dedicated section on their website for urgent help, including useful helplines in England, Wales and Scotland. The urgent help section can be found by clicking here.




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