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Regulator should crack down on abusive social media posts

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Regulator should crack down on abusive social media posts

The GPhC should be stronger on some of the less savoury aspects of pharmacy social media, according to RPS English Pharmacy Board chair Thorrun Govind said at the Pharmacy Show in Birmingham today.

Speaking to Pharmacy Magazine before presenting in the technology theatre, Ms Govind said that social media provided a great opportunity for young pharmacists in particular to enhance their careers, promote great practice and even generate job opportunities.

“As a profession we also need to be better at beating our own drum in public arenas, which is exactly what social media is. However, it is a double-edged sword. People really need to think about what they are posting and its impact [when viewed by] the wider world,” she said.

People also need to think more carefully about the impact a post might have on the individual receiving sometimes abusive comments. “As pharmacists we all have a responsibility as professionals to act in a professional manner, in and outside of work,” said Ms Govind.

There is guidance available on social media use from the GPhC and other professional bodies, “but I think it could be stronger,” she said.

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