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NICE recommends new treatment for advanced Parkinson’s


NICE recommends new treatment for advanced Parkinson’s

The new Parkinson’s treatment foslevodopa-foscarbidopa could be used to treat around 900 patients with advanced disease following NICE ’s recommendation that it be used on the NHS in final draft guidance published on Thursday October 26. 

The treatment – the subject of NICE ’s first technology appraisal for a Parkinson’s therapy – comes as a portable infusion pump device that administers the drugs foslevodopa and foscarbidopa over 24 hours, and can be refilled at home. Foslevodopa is turned into dopamine in the brain, while foscarbidopa increases the availability of foslevodopa.

The treatment is recommended in advanced cases where patients cannot have apomorphine or deep brain stimulation surgery, and for those whose symptoms can no longer be controlled with these treatments.

A phase 3 study that included 244 patients with levodopa-responsive PD found that at 52 weeks there was significant improvement in ‘on time’ and reduced ‘off time’.

Helen Knight, director of medicines evaluation at NICE , commented: “Foslevodopa-foscarbidopa represents an important new treatment for people with advanced Parkinson’s, providing an easy-to-use option that can help them manage their symptoms more reliably and effectively.

“This is the first time NICE has approved a treatment for Parkinson’s and comes after NICE was able to work with the company to address the issues that had initially prevented a positive recommendation. We are determined to get the best care to patients fast and ensure value for the taxpayer.”

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