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NICE to review evidence on HRT and cancer risk in menopause guidance

NICE to review new evidence on menopause care and potentially revisit its guidelines.

30 May 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Pain relief

Exercise better than paracetamol for osteoarthritis, says NICE

'Regular and consistent exercise' is the first line treatment, says NICE.

04 May 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Mental health

Patients should consider talking therapies before drugs for mild depression

NICE's guidelines on diagnosing and treating depression are the first for 12 years.

23 Nov 2021 , 1 Min Article

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Heart health

'Revolutionary' anti-cholesterol drug to be offered on NHS

NHSE&I said inclisiran will be administered by nurses in GP surgeries.

01 Sep 2021 , 1 Min Article


NICE recommends mental health support for people with acne

Mental health support is key in managing acne vulgaris, says clinical watchdog.

22 Jul 2021 , 1 Min Article