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Supporting pharmacists

Introduction by Pete Kelly, Managing Director, Accord UK

The last couple of years have reinforced just how important healthcare workers are to our society. Moreover, studies have shown that most people are still unaware of the array of health services that they can access from their local pharmacy.1 Yet pharmacists have always been an important part of local communities and they are an integral element of the NHS workforce that forms the backbone of our healthcare system.  

We understand the valuable services pharmacists provide and the crucial role they play in helping to keep people in their communities healthy. Accord has always been supporters and partners to the NHS and continue to celebrate the dedication of all who work within our healthcare system. 

As the number of services provided by pharmacists continues to rise, they are doing so with fewer resources at their disposal. We know that community pharmacists are juggling myriad of responsibilities from dispensing medications and offering healthcare advice to managing business operations, in addition to keeping track on developments such as Category M — just some examples among many others! 

The situation has not been helped by the pandemic. A recent survey in Pharmacy Magazine revealed that 87 per cent of pharmacies were dealing with staff absences because of Covid.2 The impact on workload has exacerbated the strain on resources that were already under pressure.

We have worked closely with pharmacists to provide tools and resources to help make their lives easier through our Accord Partner Platform and other key learning hubs, such as Oncodemia, an online training programme created specifically for community pharmacists to help provide support and advice for people living with cancer.

As we continue to support pharmacists of today, we recognise the need to support the pharmacists of tomorrow as they begin their career journey.  Many trainee pharmacists have entered the profession at a difficult time, joining at the end of the lockdowns when, as we have highlighted, most pharmacies were still reeling from the impact of Covid. To help make the transition easier on trainees and their supervisors, we partnered up with Pharmacy Magazine to offer real-life practical tips from experts in the field through a series of educational articles. 

We should all do what we can to support the next generation of pharmacists. That is why at Accord, we felt it was important to work with Pharmacy Magazine to extend the reach of these educational and support articles on the foundation training year. We will continue to find new ways to support both experienced and trainee pharmacists so that the future of pharmacy remains in good hands. 

Pete Kelly, Managing Director Accord UK


1. Hindi AMK, Schafheutle EI & Jacobs S. Community pharmacy integration within the primary care pathway for people with long-term conditions: a focus group study of patients’, pharmacists’ and GPs’ experiences and expectations. BMC Fam Pract 20, 26 (2019).

2. Pharmacy Magazine January 2022, Last accessed August 2022

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