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Welcome to an essential guide to The Foundation Training Year

Introduction by Richard Thomas, Editor of Pharmacy Magazine.

Career opportunities for pharmacists are becoming increasingly varied and consequently much more interesting. As the health service adapts to major reforms, pharmacists are making a real difference to patients by combining their clinical expertise in medicines use with the practical application of pharmaceutical care. It’s an exciting time, which is why the foundation training year is such an important stepping stone in your professional journey.

The Essential Guide to the Foundation Training Year is a ‘must read’ aid to successfully navigating this pivotal period in your professional development. Consisting of a series of advice-based articles originally published in Pharmacy Magazine in early 2022, it takes trainee pharmacists and supervisors through every stage of the foundation year, from explaining the basic requirements to a step-by-step guide to passing the registration assessment (much in the news recently, not necessarily for positive reasons).


We talk to former trainee pharmacists, now successfully qualified, and find out how they made the most of their foundation year. Educational supervisors explain what their vital role entails and we highlight where trainee pharmacists can turn to for help and support.  


The foundation training year is a great opportunity to gain experience in many different areas of practice and finally put all you have learned at university into practice. It will not be without its challenges, which is one reason why we hope you find this guide helpful. But remember this: as the role of pharmacists continues to evolve, this is a wonderful time to enter the profession and improve the life of patients. You’ve already made a brilliant choice of career.


I hope you thoroughly enjoy your foundation training year and make the most of every opportunity. I wish you the very best of luck, not only for the 12 months ahead but for the whole of your future career. The reputation of the pharmacy profession depends entirely upon the calibre of the individuals within it – and it all starts now as you put your professional building blocks in place.


After all, you are the future.


Go out and grab it.


Richard Thomas, Editor

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