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NICE to speed up access to new treatments

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NICE to speed up access to new treatments

NICE is promising to speed up patients’ access to the latest and most effective treatments under plans unveiled today (April 19).

Ensuring the organisation is more proactive and engaged with the life science industry earlier in the innovation pathway will allow patients to access new treatments faster, says the medicines advisory body in its new five-year strategy.

NICE says this new approach will allow it to evolve from producing full guidelines to adopting “a more modular, living style of recommendations, allowing rapid updates that incorporate the latest evidence to reach healthcare professionals faster than ever before”.

Professor Gillian Leng, NICE chief executive, commented: “The new strategy sets out a vision for the future where NICE will be more dynamic, work more collaboratively, and continue to build on the excellent foundations of the last 22 years.

“New treatments and technologies are emerging at a rapid pace, with real-world data driving a revolution in evidence. We will help busy healthcare professionals to navigate these new changes and ensure patients have access to the best care and latest treatments,” she said.

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