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Remote consultations and the DMS

This module will refresh your knowledge of the Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) in England by providing a short overview of its three stages.

This module will focus in particular on stage 3 and the conversation between the pharmacist and the patient (and/or their carer/representative). 

The module provides a structure and some tips for effective remote consultations for the DMS, including useful phrases to open, progress and close consultations to make best use of both pharmacists’ and patients’ time. 

Key facts

  • The Discharge Medicines Service can improve the safe and effective use of medicines at the transfer of care from hospital to community 
  • The DMS involves three stages: stage 3 is the consultation between pharmacist and patient about post-discharge medicines
  • There are challenges to DMS implementation that pharmacists can mitigate against
  • The seven-stage CONSULT model can support the optimisation of remote consultations in a community pharmacy context
  • There are issues for the pharmacist and patient to consider before, during and after a remote consultation
  • The Five E’s provide a useful framework for both remote and face-to-face DMS consultations.

Contributing authors: consultant pharmacist Professor Nina Barnett with contributions from Professor Alison Blenkinsopp

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