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Keep your teams in the loop

By Ian Strachan, NPA chairman. We have a duty to be straight and open with our staff about the Government’s planned cuts and ‘efficiencies.’ What should you say to your staff about the Government’s plans for cuts and ‘efficiencies’? As a pharmacy owner, this is something I’ve been considering since the end of December. You don’t want to scare them, but equally I feel we all have a duty to be straight and open with them. After all, the Department of Health’s proposals could have very direct consequences for all of us, if not immediately then certainly in the long-term.

Sector intensifies efforts with petition to the Prime Minister

The NPA, PSNC and Pharmacy Voice launch petition to the Prime Minister as part of the campaign to secure pharmacy's future.

Battle stations!

By Raj Patel, NPA board member. The Government’s muddled thinking on pharmacy means we are in a battle to keep strong the beating heart of pharmaceutical care in the community. Earlier this month I made a presentation to the Westminster Health Forum in London about the pharmacy network in the city and throughout the country. I described the many services my own pharmacy and others provide. I talked about the ‘extra mile’ that local pharmacies often go to, to care for patients and to help people live independently in the community.

NPA slams DH document as "slur" and "nonsense"

NPA chairman launches bitter attack on Government plans for pharmacy.

Get local opinion on your side, says NPA

Independents must mobilise local political opinion against funding cuts, says Strachan.

Independents back NPA campaign against cuts

Hundreds of independents have registered to take part in a coordinated response to NHS England proposals for efficiencies.

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