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October start date for over-65s national flu jab programme

DHSC announces October start date based on advice around peak flu circulation timings

12 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article

hpv vaccine summary.jpg

New guidance says adolescents only need one dose of HPV vaccine

A single dose as good as two, says JCVI as it publishes new recommendation

09 Aug 2022 , 1 Min Article

vaccination jab coronavirus covid-19 summary.jpg

Immunosuppressed to be offered a third Covid jab

The announcement follows new advice from the JCVI.

02 Sep 2021 , 1 Min Article

pregnant woman vaccine.jpg

Covid vaccines safe for pregnant women says JCVI

Pregnant women should get a Covid-19 vaccine based on their age and clinical risk group.

18 Apr 2021 , 1 Min Article