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cold hands radiator summary.jpg

Cold snaps more deadly than heatwaves

Cold snaps kill about 75 times more people, new research finds

08 Aug 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Osteoarthritis increases risk of long-term co-morbidities

OA associated with many and varied comorbidities, new research indicates

05 Aug 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Novo Nordisk warns pharmacists about defective prefilled pens

Batches of NovoRapid FlexTouch and Saxenda FlexTouch prefilled pens affected by defect.

21 Jul 2022 , 1 Min Article

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Promethazine 25mg tablets out of stock until mid-August

Limited supplies of alternative preparations are available, says DHSC.

07 Jul 2022 , 1 Min Article

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TV programme shines a light on Cushing’s syndrome

The condition was the focus of a TV programme as part of Rare Disease Day 2022.

01 Mar 2022 , 1 Min Article

Plasma bag 1280 x 720.jpg

WHO advises against use of convalescent plasma for Covid

Current evidence shows that convalescent plasma does not improve survival rates.

14 Dec 2021 , 1 Min Article