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Module 4: Building confident connections with stakeholders

Find out more about two tools you can use for mapping, engaging and building connections with stakeholders that could impact on your project – whether it is a new or existing one.

In this final video in the Confident Connections series, presenter Tony Woods sums up what you have learned so far in the series, and talks about how different groups of stakeholders can impact on your project and how you should approach them.

Learn how to segment stakeholders in a local GP practice by using a four-box grid. Gauge the impact your project has on their day job against the ability they have to influence what you are seeking to deliver.

Understand that the people who have significant influence and who are directly impacted by your project are the ones to focus attention on. These are the people who will generate early buy-in and momentum. But there are good reasons why you should not ignore other groups.

As an alternative you could use a complementary tool – a flexible RACI frame – to group stakeholders as responsible, accountable, consulted or informed. And don’t forget that the status of various stakeholder groups can change as a project moves from one phase to another.

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