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Module 3: Quick wins and the right conversations

How can you move from an interesting idea to tangible, collaborative action? The third video in the Confident Connections series provides you with two practical tools to take a great idea and make it a game changing local service.

Presenter Tony Woods reminds us that sometimes the obvious solution is not the best place to begin – all ideas should be tested against the effort (the people, time and money involved) and the impact (how much difference will it make).

Learn which type of project you should take to your GP practice first. Breakthrough projects which require low effort and deliver high impact don’t come along very often. Understand why quick wins – low impact but low effort – are the best way forward for first time collaborations.

Know about the five conversations you need to have to convince key stakeholders to come on board. There is the vision conversation which creates the desire to act, and the value relationship conversation, which creates a sense of togetherness.

The success conversation can define the desired outcome while the collaborative conversation engages your partners in something that is bigger than the constituent parts. And then there is the freedom conversation…

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