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A new approach to stopping smoking

Challenge your perceptions around vaping and understand its role in smoking cessation

A new approach to stopping smoking


Smoking is the largest single risk factor for death and years of life lived in ill-health globally.1 In the UK, around 78,000 people die from smoking every year, with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses.2

England has set out its ambition to be smoke free by 2030; this is defined as a smoking rate below 5%.3 But there are common barriers to stopping smoking, including those relating to nicotine withdrawal symptoms.4

The Khan Review, Making Smoking Obsolete, found that without further action, England will miss the smoke-free 2030 target by at least 7 years, and the poorest areas in society will not meet it until 2044.5

The Khan review made 4 critical recommendations in order to remain on target:

  • Promoting vaping
  • Increase investment in smoke-free policies
  • Increase the age of sale for tobacco products
  • Improve prevention in the NHS
  • Be aware of the societal and health impact of smoking cigarettes
  • Understand the current research, clinical guidance and recommendations for e-cigarettes
  • Be able to tackle common misperceptions around e-cigarettes

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