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Gina is indicated for the treatment of vaginal atrophy (VA) due to oestrogen deficiency in postmenopausal women aged 50 and above who have not had a period for at least one year.

Gina is the only product available without a prescription that effectively treats the cause of postmenopausal vaginal dryness. It acts to relieve symptoms of VA including itching, burning, soreness and discomfort during sex.

during sex

Each film-coated vaginal tablet contains 10 micrograms of estradiol.

Local oestrogen delivery

The tablet is in a pre-loaded applicator; it works directly where it is applied by adhering to the vaginal mucosa for gradual and controlled release of vaginal oestrogen. The oestrogen stays within the vagina and low levels are released into the bloodstream. Gina contains 10 micrograms of estradiol and if continually used for 1 year it delivers an oestrogen dose of 1.14 milligrams per year. This oestrogen dose is roughly equivalent to one tablet of oral HRT.2

Checking suitability

There is a checklist* that can be used to check suitability, which can be downloaded here or at the end of this module.


Initial dose:
One vaginal tablet per day for two weeks

One vaginal tablet twice per week (with 3-4 days between each dose)


Women that have never previously used a local oestrogen therapy may not see an improvement that they consider significant until after 3 months of treatment, however, Gina can significantly relieve women’s most bothersome symptoms in 8-12 weeks, so they may notice improvements earlier.3 Patients should have a consultation to discuss ongoing treatment at every return visit to confirm it is still appropriate to use Gina.


*The content of the Pharmacy Checklist is not covered by the NPA seal