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Gina Support Tools

Understand the path to purchase in the pharmacy and the tools available to support supply decisions



Tools to support
supply decisions

This module is about the tools to support supply decisions for Gina 10 micrograms vaginal tablets (estradiol) in pharmacy. These include the Pharmacy Guide for the Supply of Gina*, an important and comprehensive resource to be consulted to support the reclassification to P legal status.


  • Know about the different types of consultations for supply
  • Understand what tools can be used to help support supply decisions
  • Be able to give both product and well woman advice as part of each consultation

This learning is for pharmacists and can also be used to train the pharmacy team.



Note that this module is one element of a complete training package. You can access the Pharmacy Guide for the Supply of Gina*, Pharmacy Team Training Guide and the other modules in the series at the end of this module.

Further information about this product, including essential supply information, adverse reactions, precautions, contraindications, and method of use can be found here.

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*The Pharmacy Guide for the Supply of Gina is not covered by the NPA seal