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Gina Supply Considerations

Recognise the contraindications and conditions that need GP referral when considering recommending Gina




This module contains detailed information about the contraindications and conditions that need GP assessment when considering recommending Gina. It also covers how to talk to patients about the potential risks of HRT.


  • Understand what the contraindications are for using Gina
  • Be able to reassure and advise patients about any associated HRT risk
  • Be able to refer patients to their GP as appropriate

The training is for pharmacists, who can also use selected elements to train members of the wider pharmacy team.



Note that this module is one element of a complete training package. You can access the Pharmacy Guide for the Supply of Gina*, Pharmacy Team Training Guide and the other modules in the series at the end of this module.

Further information about this product, including essential supply information, adverse reactions, precautions, contraindications, and method of use can be found at:

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UK22GIN00044    Date of preparation: June 2022

*The Pharmacy Guide for the Supply of Gina is not covered by the NPA seal