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Fungal Nail Roundup

Complete this short interactive module to refresh your knowledge on identifying and treating fungal nail infections, and discover more about a product you can recommend to customers.

5 minute module

Fungal nail roundup:

Identifying and treating fungal nail infections

Fungal nail infections can be unsightly, and customers may come to you for help with the problem without even realising what it is. Fortunately, with the correct knowledge, fungal nail infections are straightforward to identify and treat in the pharmacy.

Click and drag to move around the pack and click to open the hotspots.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to answer customer questions about Curanail
  • Know how to identify mild fungal nail infections
  • Understand and manage customer expectations when treating their fungal nail infection
Amorolfine 5% w/v medicated nail lacquer

Know your nails

The diagram below shows the different elements that make up the nails.

Product information is available at the end of this module

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