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Constipation symptoms

Bowel habits vary from person to person, so it may be difficult to identify when a customer has constipation. It is likely to be constipation if they have not gone to the toilet at least 3 times in a week, and they may find it difficult to empty their bowels. The stools are often dry, hard or lumpy.1

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Symptoms in adults

Customers affected by constipation may describe the following symptoms:1

  • Not going as often as usual
  • Needing to strain to have a poo
  • Feeling as though bowels aren't emptying properly
  • Feeling bloated and uncomfortable
  • Feeling a bit sick and not as hungry as normal

Symptoms in children

Children may not realise or communicate that they are constipated.
Key symptoms to remind parents to look out for include:2

  • If they do not poo at least 3 times a week
  • Their poo is often large, hard and difficult to push out
  • Their poo looks like little pellets
  • If the child stops wanting to go to the toilet - this may be because they find it painful, so they hold back