Acute diarrhoea: effective symptom management

This module busts the myths surrounding diarrhoea treatments and explores the products available OTC so you can recommend the right treatment.

10-minute module

Acute diarrhoea:

effective symptom management

Diarrhoea is one of the most common symptoms for which people seek medical advice,1 but 67% of acute diarrhoea episodes go untreated.2 Sometimes this may be due to the customer not having treatment to hand, or they might think they should just let it run its course.

Adult diarrhoea can be treated OTC, without the need for a prescription. Customers affected are therefore likely to visit a pharmacy for guidance.


  • Recognise when diarrhoea is acute or chronic
  • Understand when diarrhoea can be treated OTC
  • Explore some common myths about diarrhoea treatments
  • Identify symptoms or reasons to refer to a GP
  • Know the key features and benefits of the different Imodium (loperamide) products in the range

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Date of preparation: August 2020 UKI-CPM-2000001