Significant increase in cancer predicted

The number of cancer cases in the UK could rise by more than 40 per cent between 2014 and 2035 if current trends continue, according to the British Journal of Cancer.

The analysis predicts that the rise in cancer cases will be greater in males (48.42 per cent) than females (36.41 per cent), with the growing and ageing population accounting for most of the increase.

In males, the analysis predicts that certain cancers will show an especially marked rise including:
• Thyroid (116.75 per cent)
• Liver (113.68 per cent)
• Kidney (83.32 per cent)
• Myeloma (70.20 per cent)
• Oral (69.23 per cent)
• Prostate (65.67 per cent)
• Pancreas (62.92 per cent).

In women, malignancies predicted to rise include:
• Anus (100.32 per cent)
• Thyroid (95.94 per cent)
• Liver (78.55 per cent)
• Oral (71.54 per cent)
• Kidney (61.28 per cent).

Only mesothelioma in males and females (23.41 and 15.27 per cent respectively) and bone cancer in males (15.33 per cent) are expected to decline.

Demographic changes also mean that cancer deaths are projected to rise by 35.04 per cent in males and 24.48 per cent in females between 2014 and 2035 if current trends continue. Age-standardised cancer mortality rates will decline by 18.33 per cent in males and 14.57 per cent in females.



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