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Most people still reach for short-acting heartburn treatments

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Most people still reach for short-acting heartburn treatments

Research from Nexium Control has shown that more than half of people (54 per cent) want an OTC preparation that manages their heartburn symptoms for longer despite the availability of products able to provide relief over a 24-hour period.

To help patients understand there are longer-acting options available, pharmacists can provide information and guidance on treatments such as proton pump inhibitors, says Haleon, manufacturer of Nexium Control.

Containing esomeprazole, Nexium Control reduces the production of stomach acid for up to 24-hours with just one tablet, treating the cause and symptoms of heartburn and allowing time for the oesophagus to recover from the acid irritation.

Dr Kate Fabrikant, medical lead Northern Europe, Haleon, said: “At this time of year, more people will be looking to spend time with their friends and families, going out for dinner, to the pub or office Christmas parties. It is important that pharmacists and their teams have the most up-to-date knowledge and products available to treat heartburn and acid reflux, particularly during times when these types of issues might flare up.”


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