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Well, that's a wrap!


Well, that's a wrap!

After stepping down from the NPA board and as a PSNC nominated member, Reena Barai reflects on her term of office and why she put herself forward in the first place

I really don’t know where the years have gone so I decided to look up the election statement I wrote when I was a relative pharmacy nobody. Did I achieve all the things I set out in this election statement of intent? 

I definitely brought diversity as the first ever Asian woman to be elected to the NPA board. While I was applauded for this at the time, I didn’t want to be the last – so I’m pleased that there is another Asian woman on the new board. 

Throughout my time I’ve also worked purposefully to raise the profile of women in pharmacy by co-creating the Female Pharmacy Leaders Network. 

I have contributed constructively. I’ve not missed a single meeting. I’ve read every paper and not been afraid to raise my points and express my opinions in order to create meaningful debate.

I’ve worked really hard to raise the profile of the sector by using my various social media platforms and have represented community pharmacy positively in the press and on TV on multiple occasions. 

While I’ve done these things I’ve also run my pharmacy. It has not been easy being a jobbing contractor and holding down two national roles. However I felt this was essential as I could relate to what it felt like at the grassroots for all community pharmacy teams and then relay this at a national decision-making level. 

I’ve grown as an individual from the whole experience and will always encourage colleagues to put themselves forward for roles like these. I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had, look forward to supporting both organisations from the outside and will continue to advocate for community pharmacy.

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