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Well Pharmacy sends flu jab vans around England


Well Pharmacy sends flu jab vans around England

Well Pharmacy has launched two ‘mobile health clinics’ that will travel around England offering flu jabs and routine services such as blood pressure checks.

The multiple is initially partnering with Co-op, EDF Energy and Bestway Wholesale to vaccinate their employees in the mobile units. Over the next eight weeks, the vans – each of which contains two consultation rooms staffed by a pharmacist – will reach 35 locations, with local communities invited to book their flu jab appointment online or present for walk-in vaccinations.

The initiative aims to vaccinate 200 people per day against flu, as well as offering health check services.

Well superintendent pharmacist Ifti Khan said: “Across the UK there are deep-running health inequalities when it comes to accessing healthcare, driving poor health outcomes for some in society.

“Our aim is to support both existing and new communities, drive health prevention and better outcomes for more people across the UK. This is especially important for those at higher risk of ill health who have little contact with the wider healthcare system. We have already seen very high demand for the flu vaccination service and are pleased to reach out to new communities to offer this important and valuable service.

Gill Stone, Well’s NHS services lead, commented: “Experts are predicting a difficult flu season with a surge of respiratory viruses because the UK population had limited exposure to these viruses last year as a result of lockdown restrictions.

“Our mobile health clinics will launch with a focus on protecting as many people from flu as possible this autumn. We hope to protect thousands more people in the community and re delighted to be working with Co-op, EDF Energy and Bestway Group to help protect their staff and customers.”

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