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Use pharmacists differently say Bath researchers

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Use pharmacists differently say Bath researchers

There needs to be a rethink and overhaul of how prescriptions are currently managed, according to a new report on community pharmacy policy.

Utilising the hub and spoke model, the researchers argue, would free up community pharmacy teams to provide more patient-facing services, relieving pressure on GP surgeries.

“It makes sense to empower pharmacists to increase their patient-facing work to safely and effectively manage long-term conditions,” says Dr Matthew Jones, senior lecturer in the department of life sciences at the University of Bath. “However, putting this in place requires new training, full access to health records and national commissioning with sufficient funding based on the quality of services.”

Government investment in community pharmacy services isn’t just good for health – it is essential for building a better future for the people of Britain, adds Professor Margaret Watson, professor of health services research and pharmacy practice at the University of Strathclyde.

The research findings, funded by Sigma Pharmaceuticals, have been supplied as evidence to the current Health and Social Care Select Committee pharmacy inquiry.  

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