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Share your stories from the Covid frontline

Hampshire pharmacist Sid Dajani is compiling a historical narrative of the Covid crisis.

Hampshire community pharmacist Sultan ‘Sid’ Dajani is compiling a historical narrative of the Covid crisis from a pharmacy perspective and wants your help.

“Some colleagues and I thought it would be a great idea to create an archive of people’s stories and record them during these historic times,” he said.

As each stage of the pandemic unfolded, it felt like pharmacy teams were getting punched from all sides, he said. “Covid has changed everything but if anything it has taught us where the frontline is, where the action is, where the ideas come from and where the real work is done.”

Pharmacists “worked their socks off”, kept their heads up and supported each other, he said. “We showed togetherness and social solidarity on an incredible journey to make things better.”

Mr Dajani wants to create an historical archive before these experiences are lost. “However, we cannot do this without people’s insights, accounts and experiences. What helped you keep going? What made you laugh? What inspired you to help? We are collecting anecdotes and stories, no matter how funny, sad or poignant.”

For more information and to share your stories click here.

Sid Dajani is the owner of Wainwrights Pharmacy in Bishopstoke, Hampshire, an independent prescriber and volunteer vaccinator.

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