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Scottish NES pharmacy workforce survey starts 12 September


Scottish NES pharmacy workforce survey starts 12 September

Community Pharmacy Scotland is warning contractors to be alert  for the next pharmacy workforce survey.

Next week, commencing 12 September, NES Pharmacy will be co-ordinating a national community pharmacy workforce survey to gain a better understanding of team numbers and skill mix within the sector in Scotland.

The information obtained will help to inform pharmacy workforce planning and development, to help ensure the right workforce is in place now, and that action can be taken to meet demand in the future.

The data for independent pharmacies will be gathered via an online survey sent to the pharmacy mailbox. CPS is encouraging each pharmacy to nominate a single person to collate the required information.

The data for multiple and group pharmacies will be gathered via an individuals from within the organisations, with data captured using a standardised spreadsheet.

The survey aims to capture a snapshot of the community pharmacy workforce including pharmacists (plus those working centrally if appropriate), locum pharmacists, pre-registration trainees, pharmacy technicians and trainees, and pharmacy support staff during the week commencing 12 September.

The survey was last conducted in September 2020 when icompletion became a contractual requirement.

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