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RPS urges employers to help trainees prepare for exam


RPS urges employers to help trainees prepare for exam

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has urged all pharmacy employers to help provisionally registered pharmacists prepare for the upcoming registration assessment over the next several weeks.

Gail Fleming, director for education and professional development at the RPS, said employers had “gone the extra mile to support” provisionally registered pharmacists, but said continued support was needed with the assessment approaching.

In January, the Pharmacists' Defence Association said some employers were allegedly cancelling study leave for prov-regs although it did not name the employers involved. The exam is on March 17 and 18.

“As these trainees now prepare for the GPhC exam, we are calling for their employers to continue to help them by giving them access to revision days and extra support for study time,” Ms Fleming said.

“We must work to protect these pharmacists of the future as much as possible by supporting them during these times.

“We’d like to thank all those provisionally registered pharmacists’ for their hard work and dedication during the pandemic and the enormous contributions that they have made to patient care.”

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