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RPS could lease out office space at London HQ


RPS could lease out office space at London HQ

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has said it is "re-evaluating" the use of its London headquarters and is actively considering renting out office space to generate income that would be used for member services.

In a statement today (April 26), the RPS said it is "pro-actively looking at options that will make the most of its properties, including the potential lease of some floor space at East Smithfield".

The Covid-19 pandemic has "proved we can work remotely in different ways and continue to be efficient and effective in providing services to members and customers," said the RPS. 

RPS president Sandra Gidley said: “In a changing environment, it is important that the Society adapts and evolves. Members want us to focus on putting pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare, by looking at alternative income streams that provide us with additional revenue, we can do more work to advance our mission.”   

RPS chief executive Paul Bennett said: “One of the best ways to enhance our financial sustainability is to make sure we are organisationally effective. Members would expect us to be looking at options, to see how we can make the most of the assets the organisation holds.  

“However, there are a number of principles which are equally important.  Firstly, I cannot conceive of a time when the RPS wouldn’t have an address that members recognise as the home of pharmacy, and secondly, we are committed to ensuring that the objects and history of pharmacy are promoted and accessible. It’s important to note any income derived from renting space at East Smithfield would be additional revenue – and be reinvested into further developing our valued products and services.”

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