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Report reveals spread of Covid across England


Report reveals spread of Covid across England

A report released today reveals the extent to which Covid spread through communities in England during the pandemic.

The report's data, drawn from primary care between March 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021 and published by NHS Digital, revealed that over 3.2 million registered patients had a positive Covid test or diagnosis. That equated to one in 18 patients.

One in 16 female patients returned a positive test result or diagnosis compared with one in 20 men.

The Bangladeshi community was recorded as having the highest rate among ethnic groups with one in 10 patients while the Chinese ethnic group had the lowest with one in 58.

In terms of age, the highest rate was found in patients over 90 with one in eight and the lowest was in the five to 11 age group with one in 40.

Geographically, the North West had the highest rate with one in 15 and the South West the lowest with one in 24.

Rates were highest in the 20 per cent most deprived patients (one in 15) while the lowest rates were found in the 20 per cent least deprived (one in 21).

The data was extracted using the Data for Pandemic Planning & Research system.

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