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PSNC rejects ‘inaccurate’ AIMp statement on contract talks


PSNC rejects ‘inaccurate’ AIMp statement on contract talks

A recent statement from the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp) on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework “does not accurately reflect our position”, the PSNC has claimed.  

AIMp issued a statement last Thursday criticising the deal struck between PSNC, the NHS and Government officials for Years 4 and 5 of the contractual framework in England, saying the prospect of more frozen funding would be a “devastating blow to thousands of pharmacies that are struggling to survive”.

After slamming a deal it described as promising the sector “more of the same attrition”, AIMp stated: “There also seems to be a complete denial about the failed concessions system, which is wreaking havoc with pharmacies’ cash flow.

“PSNC assumes that pharmacies can survive this even when pharmacy owners are screaming that it is causing huge problems in maintaining the existence of their businesses.”

Pharmacies throughout England have complained that the current concessions system is subject to sharp and unpredictable fluctuations, preventing them from being able to draw up reliable short-term budgets and in many cases leaving them significantly out of pocket even after concessionary prices are granted.

Responding to these remarks earlier today, the negotiator said AIMp’s statement “does not accurately reflect our position on price concessions”.

It went on to say: “PSNC members are deeply concerned about price concessions as we know that pharmacies cannot continue to fund the gap between reimbursement and purchasing prices for some medicines.

“This is why we continue to challenge concessions on a month-by-month basis, and why we have insisted that the Department of Health and Social Care resolves the unmanageable situation.”

The PSNC said it had secured a “firm commitment” from the Government to review the concessions system as part of the CPCF agreement, and that it is putting continued pressure on officials to ensure this is carried out.

It noted that its negotiating team includes AIMp members and said it “values the input and involvement of all our independent multiple committee members in all PSNC decision making.

“At this very difficult time it is important that the sector comes together, speaking in a unified way to fight for the recognition and support that contractors need and deserve.”

In a press briefing on Friday morning, PSNC chief Janet Morrison said she was "dismayed" by the AIMp statement.

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