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PSNC rebrands as Community Pharmacy England

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PSNC rebrands as Community Pharmacy England

PSNC has formally changed its name to Community Pharmacy England (CPE). 

The rebrand is part of a wide-ranging programme of work to reform pharmacy representation in line with the recommendations made by the Review Steering Group (RSG), which were agreed last year by contractors. 

“Community pharmacies are under immense pressures and need a strong and powerful voice to represent them to Government and the NHS,” said CPE. “Our new name and branding have been designed to help in this role by being more impactful and authoritative.” 

The rebrand “more clearly reflects our purpose and our strengthened commitment to championing community pharmacies and engaging with the sector”, it added, while signalling the start of a new engagement strategy to help build stronger relationships with pharmacy owners.

“Becoming Community Pharmacy England is much more than a name change or a new logo; it is a driver for cultural change across our organisation. Our members want us to be more authoritative, representative and influential, and rebranding gives us a clearer and stronger voice, helping us to better speak out for community pharmacy,” said the negotiator.

Chief executive Janet Morrison added that the rebrand had “little to do with logos or pretty colours – [although] those matter, because if you want authority and credibility you need to look the part – but without wider changes in culture and strategy, which we are fully committed to and already embarking on, they mean little”. 

The new name will stand CPE in good stead to keep influencing the people that it needs to and marks a step-change in how the negotiator talks to pharmacy owners, she said.  “We hope [contractors] will see this rebrand as the very real attempt... to listen more and represent [them] more strongly” and also to “fight [their] corner” and “get the outcomes [they] need and deserve”.

As well as a new logo and visual identity, there is a new website address – Email addresses have also changed and now end with Any messages sent to the old addresses will still get through. Other aspects of the Transforming Pharmacy Representation (TAPR) programme include a governance review, the development of a new strategic vision and steps to strengthen CPE's negotiating capacity.

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