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Phoenix acquires prescription app ‘to compete with Pharmacy2U’


Phoenix acquires prescription app ‘to compete with Pharmacy2U’

Phoenix UK has bought digital prescription service Co-op health in a bid to “help independent pharmacies compete against the likes of Pharmacy2U”. 

The app helps patients order medication for home delivery or for collection at their local pharmacy.  The company said it plans to roll it out through Numark and Rowlands pharmacies, and  “transform this platform into a must-have digital asset for Numark members”. 

The app has “tens of thousands” of registered users and high satisfaction ratings according to Co-op.  

Numark managing director Jeremy Meader said: “Pharmaceutical care is not simply picking up your prescription or having it delivered at home. People need support and advice when taking medication, particularly if they have multiple medical conditions. That is the critical role which community pharmacy plays as the third pillar in our healthcare system: a pharmacist intervention can quite literally save your life or that of a loved one.

“Digital and physical access need to be two sides of the same coin; each complementing and supplementing the other. Too often we see companies offering digital services which seek to bypass and commercially undermine local community pharmacies: we will offer a market-disruptive alternative: bricks & mortar aligned with digital outreach which combines the convenience of online access for patients with the personal face-to-face professional advice people need as medical conditions are quite often complex. 

“Over the coming months - as part of our stated commitment to members to support them in a digital era - we will evolve and rebrand the Co-op Health platform, building on its recent success. We believe this service innovation will help future-proof Numark members by giving their customers access to a digital product that will provide the convenience of online with the personal and profession care of a local community pharmacy. We also plan to spend time with our PSUK members to understand how this solution could work for them as well”.

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