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Pharmacy group announces £1bn launch of 'super pharmacies'


Pharmacy group announces £1bn launch of 'super pharmacies'

The founder and CEO of a pharmacy group launched two years ago has set out an ambitious £1bn blueprint for the creation of “super pharmacies” that will offer the public health advice, diagnostic services, eyecare, dental and cosmetic procedures and even facilities for women to give birth in-store.

Feisal Nahaboo, who in November 2019 set up Alitam Group which represents about 140 pharmacies, said he wanted to turn 500 high street premises over the next 10 years into what he described as “state-of-the-art wellness and medical centres”.

Mr Nahaboo said he envisages a range of healthcare professions, including dentists, opticians, physiologists, midwives, nurses and pharmacists, working alongside one another in the pharmacies, allowing people to book minor eye surgery, facelifts, liposuction, breast enlargement and cosmetic dentistry as well as use prescription and OTC services.  

“And yes, even one day give birth in-store. After all, for more than 60 years women have relied on the high street pharmacy for contraception and family health advice,” he said.

“The local pharmacy, and their expert midwives, would offer a familiar and trusted setting in which to give birth. I predict this will be an option for expectant mothers in 10 years’ time.”

Mr Nahaboo insisted the prevention of ill-health underpinned the super pharmacy concept which he believes will not only relieve pressure on the NHS but reduce waiting times by 90 per cent.

“Without having to pre-book, customers will also benefit from walk-in eye and blood pressure tests, dental check-ups and counselling. Such on-demand healthcare will even extend to a full-body MOT, given while they wait for a prescription,” he said.

“According to NHS England, waiting lists have sky-rocketed to six million since the pandemic began. They also reveal that 18,500 people have been waiting for a routine operation for at least two years, seven times more than last summer."

“We cannot go on like this," he went on, claiming his chain of pharmacies would "help people get the healthcare they so desperately need.”

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