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Pharmacies facing ‘toughest period’ says PSNC chief

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Pharmacies facing ‘toughest period’ says PSNC chief

England’s pharmacies are facing “one of the toughest periods” the sector has known, PSNC chief Janet Morrison has said. 

In a video message to contractors yesterday, Ms Morison spoke of the pressures hitting pharmacies from a number of fronts, including workforce issues, “spiralling” inflation and the difficulty of sourcing medicines, particularly at or below drug tariff prices.

“You as contractors [are not] able to pass on any of those costs to patients and [are] having to work within a fixed envelope,” she said, adding that pharmacies are not in a position to “deliver any further efficiencies”.

She also spoke of rising demands from patients “who have given up on going to their GP and are turning to you for support and advice… you are not being fully paid for the service you’re providing”.

Injections of Covid-related funding over the previous two years have masked underlying pressures, she said, warning that the “squeeze on all of you is now really starting to bite”. 

Ms Morrison said she has written to ministers twice in the past month detailing the PSNC’s concerns and providing evidence for the need for extra funding.

“It’s not acceptable, it’s not sustainable; we know that and will continue push this message very strongly with the new prime minister and with new ministerial teams,” she said, adding that the committee is exploring “what further options we have to raise these issues at a higher level with Government and across the ministerial scene”.

She urged contractors to continue providing evidence of their financial pressures, saying: “We’re trying the best we can to make a difference and change the dial so you can get a better deal for the future.”

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