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London pharmacies delivered five million Covid jabs last year


London pharmacies delivered five million Covid jabs last year

Over 200 pharmacies in London taking part in the Covid vaccination programme have administered more than five million jabs in the last year, the latest figures from NHS England reveal.

The capital’s vaccination push has seen pharmacies play a central role, with Cullimore Chemist in Barnet the first pharmacy in London to deliver a Covid vaccine.

More than 230 pharmacies have now given a jab and the government is urging more people to get vaccinated in the city.

“Local pharmacies are convenient, known and trusted by their local communities,” said London’s head of pharmacy commissioning Jeremy Wallman.

“From the very beginning of the vaccination programme, people have been able to get their vaccine locally thanks to the hard work of our pharmacy teams. As the vaccination programme continues to gather pace, pharmacies continue to play a vital role.

“We have seen that people really appreciate having fully-trained healthcare professionals on their doorstep who are able to offer advice, guidance and reassurance.”

Hassan Khan from Cullimore Chemist said: “It has been a privilege to be able to give the vaccine to so many people. Pharmacies are at the heart of their local communities and are often the first port of call for medical advice. The strength of this relationship with local people has been invaluable in the national response to the pandemic.”

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