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Numark video hails pharmacy successes during Covid-19


Numark video hails pharmacy successes during Covid-19

Numark has produced a short film depicting their member pharmacies' successes in meeting the needs of their local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The film, which is just over three minutes long, features brief interviews with pharmacists who talk candidly about the impact the crisis has had on them and how they have gone the extra mile to ensure their patients have received their medicines and health advice.

During the film pharmacists also warn that a lack of government funding threatens community pharmacies with closure.

One pharmacist on the video said: “During the pandemic, we've remained open on the front-line to give patients advice and help them through the pandemic all free of charge. That comes out of our pocket and our funding has significantly dropped over the years and we cannot sustain that.”

Numark said the “perception of community pharmacy has never felt stronger in the wake of the pandemic, with more than four-fifths of the UK specifically calling out community pharmacies as going above and beyond in 2020.”

Numark managing director Jeremy Meader said he was “humbled” by the “strength, resolve and commitment” of pharmacies “as they continued to deliver in the face of some of the most unprecedented challenges.”

“Our new film champions and celebrates all our members and serves as recognition for their heroic resilience. It’s a big thank you to all who continue to serve on the frontline of this pandemic. Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on community pharmacy and the significant value it brings to so many people’s lives,” he said.

Meader said Numark would “continue to lobby government for a fairer funding model and ensure we help drive more operational efficiencies forward with the launch of new service provisions.”

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