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New self-test for post-vaccination Covid antibodies launches

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New self-test for post-vaccination Covid antibodies launches

A new self-administered blood test to detect levels of antibodies after Covid vaccination has been launched in the UK.

Viatris’ Covid-19 Neutralising IgG serological self-test measures whether the body has generated antibodies at the threshold level of 50 BAU/mL following a complete course of communication. The qualitative test – which does not indicate whether an individual has developed protective immunity – carries a recommended retail price below £20.

The test can be done at home using a small blood sample, with results available in 10 minutes. The test should be performed at least 14 days after completing a vaccination cycle.

It has been shown to measure a seroconversion rate of 98.3 per cent for the Pfizer vaccine, 98.5 per cent for the AstraZeneca vaccine and 95.2 per cent for the Moderna vaccine.

Viatris UK country manager Matt Salzmann commented: “In these uncertain times, and with the long-term protection offered by vaccines currently unknown, even those who are fully immunised may wish to seek extra reassurance.

“As recent studies suggest, vaccines may lose their full effectiveness against Covid infection so taking the necessary precautionary measures is imperative.

“At a time when a large part of the UK population is vaccinated, we consider it very important that we provide access to a convenient self-test for people who wish to know their antibody status, especially those who are at risk.”

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