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New campaign aims to highlight erection problems


New campaign aims to highlight erection problems

Yesterday (International Men’s Day, November 19) saw the launch of a new campaign, backed by Upjohn, the Men’s Health Forum and sexual health charity Brook, to remove the shame and stigma associated with erection problems.

An estimated 5 million men experience erection problems, yet over a quarter have never spoken to anyone about the issue.

The aim of the Time to Raise It campaign is to provide men and their partners with the tools they need to discuss intimacy and erection problems to “normalise the conversation and relieve the burden” on men.

It includes the publication of a report on sex and intimacy in the UK, which looks at the impact that erection problems can have on men and their partners.  

The report, which surveyed more than 5,000 men, found that: 

  • 46 per cent would like to be more intimate
  • Over a quarter said that erection problems had prevented them from being intimate with a partner 
  • 29 per cent of those affected felt they could tackle the issue together after having spoken to their partner about it
  • A quarter of men with erection problems are under the age of 35 years.

Previous research by Upjohn, manufacturer of Viagra Connect, found that only around 4 per cent of men with erection problems had sought help from a pharmacist, with over three-quarters feeling too embarrassed to discuss the issue at a pharmacy.

Viagra Connect has enabled over 1 million men to take action over their erection problems, according to the company.

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