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National Association of Women Pharmacists elects president


National Association of Women Pharmacists elects president

NAWP president Naina Chotai

The National Association of Women Pharmacists has a new president after community pharmacist Naina Chotai was elected to the role.

Ms Chotai, a locum pharmacist based in the south east, becomes NAWP’s 48th president since it was established in 1905.

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association, which took NAWP in as part of its network at the start of this year when it was on the verge of folding, said she will chair network meetings, be “a key spokesperson for the network” and serve on the PDA Equality Council with chairs of other PDA equality networks.

"Together with the rest of the talented elected team, we will work to advance gender equality and to empower women pharmacists to realise their full potential,” Ms Chotai said.

“As the president of the NAWP network, I will work tirelessly to raise the profile of women pharmacists, by being educationally, socially and politically active.”

Ms Chotai also runs a consultancy that provides professional support to independent owners in London and the south east.

Community pharmacist Daniela Rusalim, who is based in Peterborough, was elected vice-president of NAWP while Eilidh Milliken, a locum pharmacist in Glasgow, became its honorary secretary.

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