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LloydsPharmacy expands partnership with Deliveroo to include 150 stores


LloydsPharmacy expands partnership with Deliveroo to include 150 stores

A partnership between LloydsPharmacy and Deliveroo allowing customers to order toiletries and OTC medicines is to be expanded to a further 110 stores.

The expansion of the partnership, which first launched during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, will see 150 Lloyds stores in total participating in the scheme. The new branches include ones in Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester. 

Customers can order from a range of 50 top-selling products through the Deliveroo app, with cold relief medicines, OTC painkillers and home pregnancy tests among the most popular items.

LloydsPharmacy chief retail officer Kevin Burch said: “Pharmacies offer customers and patients healthcare advice, services, and prescriptions, but they also provide over the counter medicines for minor ailments and sickness.

“Although LloydsPharmacy patients can order online for next day delivery, through our extended partnership with Deliveroo, more patients across the UK can access the care supplies they need in just 30 minutes.”

Mr Birch said the expansion of the multiple’s arrangement with Deliveroo formed part of its plan to give patients more choice around “how, where and when they access care and medicines”.

Deliveroo chief business officer Carlo Mocci said: “LloydsPharmacy has provided a vital service throughout the pandemic and ordering from Deliveroo meant people who were self-isolating could have medication delivered to their doors in as little as 30 minutes.” 

Mr Mocci claimed the partnership had “already helped thousands of families”.

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