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Haloperidol 5mg/5ml oral supplies expected in late summer

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Haloperidol 5mg/5ml oral supplies expected in late summer

Haloperidol 5mg/5ml oral solution sugar-free is out of stock and further supplies are not expected until late summer, the PSNC has warned.


The negotiator said Haloperidol 500microgram, 1.5mg, 5mg and 10mg tablets remain available but limited supplies of 5mg/5ml oral solution sugar-free at Pinewood Healthcare are “unable to support any uplift in demand".

The PSNC said Nova Laboratories, Quantum Pharmaceuticals and Rockshaw Laboratories can supply unlicensed haloperidol 5mg/5ml oral solution sugar-free.

“When prescribing a product that is not licensed in the UK prescribers must indicate on the FP10 prescription that an unlicensed product is required,” the PSNC said.

“This can be done by annotating the prescription with the following wording 'special order.'”


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