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Haleon teams up with pharmacists in burnout-flu initiative


Haleon teams up with pharmacists in burnout-flu initiative

The consumer healthcare company Haleon has teamed up with leading pharmacists to combat burnout and educate patients about cold and flu.

Haleon's initiative focuses on creating visual guides and toolkits to help pharmacists educate patients on common misconceptions related to the cold and flu season. The toolkit includes informative posters featuring a comparative analysis of symptoms for the common cold, flu, and Covid, along with guidance on their respective treatments. 

Haleon has also joined forces with two pharmacists, Thorrun Govind and Olutayo Arikawe, both of whom are known for their dedication to mental wellness in the pharmacy sector. They will promote the toolkits through social media to pharmacy teams nationwide.

Govind, the former English Pharmacy Board chair, expressed concern over the high risk of burnout among pharmacists. She emphasised the unsustainable nature of workload, citing the strain on teams due to inadequate staffing and the pressing need for protected breaks and learning time and commended Haleon for its positive step in supporting pharmacists through tailored assets available on its Health Partner Portal.

Arikawe, the director of Swinford Pharmacy, acknowledged the immense pressure on pharmacy teams, highlighting that approximately 1.6 million people visit pharmacies daily. She expressed delight at Haleon's commitment to empowering and supporting pharmacy teams through its materials.

A recent survey by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society found 88 per cent of pharmacists were at high risk of burnout. The survey shed light on critical factors affecting the mental wellness of pharmacists, with 70 per cent citing inadequate staffing and 53 per cent pointing to a lack of work-life balance as key contributors.


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