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Government announces 19 new community diagnostic centres


Government announces 19 new community diagnostic centres

Nineteen new Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) are to be created in England, the Department of Health and Social Care announced today (February 13).

The DHSC said the newly announced “one stop shops” will benefit “tens of thousands of patients” and carry out 1.1 million tests, checks and scans each year. Newly approved sites have been announced in areas including North Bedfordshire, Thurrock, Northamptonshire, Shropshire and North Cumbria.

The Department said the 92 CDCs that are currently operational have “carried out an additional three million, tests, checks and scans across the country as the NHS works on the biggest ever catch-up programme”. The programme was initially launched in July 2021, with plans in place to roll out up to 160 centres by 2025.

CDCs house equipment including MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound scanners, as well as offering blood tests and blood pressure monitoring.

They accept referrals from pharmacists, GPs and hospitals where “concerning symptoms” have been identified.

Health secretary Steve Barclay said: “Rapid diagnosis offers reassurance to patients, reduces waiting lists, and, crucially, saves lives.

“CDCs have been fundamental to this effort, delivering over 3 million extra tests which are helping to diagnose conditions from cancer to lung disease more quickly across the country.

“The new centres will take us even further, utilising cutting-edge MRI, CT and X-ray machine to transform the way we deliver care closer to people’s homes helping tens of thousands of people.”

NHS national director of elective recovery, Sir James Mackey, said: “The NHS’s ambitious elective recovery plan, published just over a year ago, had these innovative ‘one stop shops’ at its heart.

“Since then they have played a key role in helping us virtually eliminate the number of people waiting more than two years for treatment and keeping the NHS on track to do the same for people waiting over 18 months by the end of April, with the centres – often based in convenient places such as in shopping centres, high streets and community hospitals - now having delivered an incredible 3 million tests and checks.”

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