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Champix unavailable, return date unknown


Champix unavailable, return date unknown

Smoking cessation drug Champix is currently unavailable, pharmacies have been warned, with manufacturer Pfizer citing disruption in the manufacturing process.

The company has said that although it is seeking to rectify the supply issues affecting Champix 0.5mg and 1mg tablets as soon as possible it is currently unable to confirm when the medicine will become available again.

Pfizer issued the following statement: “We understand and regret the challenges that the situation poses and realise the importance of this medicine to healthcare professionals and patients. We remain committed to supporting smokers in their quit attempts.

“However, until the Champix shortage is resolved, patients will need to consult with their healthcare professional to choose an alternative treatment option.

“Similarly, for patients starting a quit attempt for whom Champix treatment is being considered, due to the extensive stock-outs there will be a disruption in availability of the medicine to patients, which healthcare professionals will need to consider.”

The PSNC has advised contractors with any outstanding queries relating to Champix stock to contact the Pfizer Customer Contact Centre on 0345 608 88 66.

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